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Deluxe Cooking Blender

The COOKING blender does it all! I mean really does it all as it self-cleans with just 3 cups of water and a drop of liquid dish soap. So far i've made Smoothies, Fresh Tomato Soup, and fresh Peanut Butter... what should I cook up next? 


The Cutlery 

Pampered Chef's Forged  German Steel Cutlery has a life time warranty and will look good in any kitchen. I love my set and use them every day. 

They also have a fun colorful set great for any college kid or just want a sprig of color in your kitchen there's an option for everyone. 


This image doesn't show it all!  I love Pampered Chef's Cookware and it's life time warranty . From Non-Stick Handle release  collection to it's Stainless Steel non-stick cookware and brand new cast iron cookware  everything is covered. One thing I love about the non-stick is that you can use metal utensils along with putting them in the oven! and you can never go wrong with Cast Iron. 

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