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and welcome to Classic Cooking with Chrissy where my goal is to create harmony through a balanced understanding of food and lifestyle. I began my foodie journey as a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant in 2013 out of a love of food and what it represents. There is nothing quite like the wholesome freedom of creating a meal that not only brings warmth to your body but also to your soul when it is enjoyed by the whole family.  That is why I have strived these last 8 years to bring to you personalized tips, tricks, and inspiration that you too can use to bring that same warmth to you and yours.


I firmly believe that cooking healthy and hearty meals doesn't have to be back breaking and time intensive.  At Pampered Chef, we've been able to develop a product line that can help the newest of chefs create personalized dishes without draining the bank. 


This is where I have found my calling.  I've created my lifestyle blog, Hot Outta The Oven, to provide a service to you, my faithful readers, to make your kitchen work for you and not the other way around.  

Through Pampered Chef, I've been able to adventure to different countries and indulge in their various culinary delicacies while meeting new people from across the globe.  While I've grown most fond of England and New Zealand, I hope to get to experience every Continent and what each has to offer the pallet. 

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the Kate Tiedemann College of Business from the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg.  I love to use my knowledge of information management as a web designer and technology consultant to help others obtain their technological footprint upon our cyber world. 


I thrive in the creative freedom that both avenues provide and strive to provide my clients with the highest quality of solutions for their cooking and website needs.

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